Jeudi 4 juin 2015

9h30              Accueil des participants

10h00            Allocutions d'ouverture

10h20            Conférencier invité : Catherine Paradeise, Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation
Société - IFRIS, Paris

  • In Search of Academic Quality

Session 1. Academic and societal relevance of the SSH

11h20            Gunnar Sivertsen (NIFU, Norway) “The balance between internationalization, language, societal relevance and quality in research evaluation in the SSH”

11h35            Dagmar Simon (WZB, Germany) “Scientific quality and social relevance in the social and spatial sciences: visible? Measurable?”

11h50            Thed van Leeuwen (U. of Leiden, The Netherlands), A. Zuccala (U. of Copenhagen, Denmark), Rens Bod (U. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) “Current day influences of Humanities research on other scientific domains”

12h05            Jon Holm, Forskningradet, Norway “What’s in it for the Faculty? Experiences from planning a national evaluation of Humanities research in Norway”

12h20            Discussion

13h                 Déjeuner

Session 2*. Diversity and clusters in the SSH

14h30            Ad Prins (Consultant, The Netherlands), Jack Spaapen (KNAW, The Netherlands) “Hybrids and diversity in the SSH”

14h45            Frederik Verleyssen, Tim Engels (U. of Antwerpein, Belgium) “Clustering of authors through the analysis of their publication patterns”

15h00            Alexander Hasgall (U. of Geneva, Switzerland) “Evaluation from the botttom up? Dealing with multiplicity in SSH”

15h15            Thomas Kadelbach and Joanna Domingos (U. of Neuchâtel, Switzerland) « Collaborations and partnerships in the SSH in the mirror of research projects »

15h30            Discussion

Session 3*. Bottom-up criteria for the SSH (1)

14h30            Ana Ramos, Maria Arménia Carrondo (FCT Lisbon, Portugal), Claudia Sarrico (U. of Lisbon, Portugal) “A bottom-up approach to building a publication indicator for the SSH”

14h45            Jorge Mañana-Rodriguez, Elea Giménez-Toledo (CSIC, Espagne) “Components of book publishers’ quality: prestige, specialisation and peer review”

15h00            Ginevra Peruginelli (ITTIG-CNR, Italy) “Quality in legal science: the case of evaluating legal monographs”

15h15           David Budtz Pedersen, Jonas Groenvad, U. of Copenhagen, Denmark “Mapping the public influence of humanities”

15h30            Discussion

16h00            Pause café

Table ronde “Collaborations and societal impact of SSH research”

16h30            Intervenants

  • Alexandre Hasgall (U. of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Michael Ochsner (U. of Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Silvia Martens (U. of Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • Thomas Kadelbach (U. of Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
  • Jack Spaapen (KNAW, The Netherlands)

18h00            Fin de la première journée

21h                 Dîner

* Sessions parallèles


Vendredi 5 juin 2015

9h00              Conférencier invité : Johannes Angermüller, University of Warwick and École des Hautes
Études en Sciences Sociales - EHESS, Paris

  • Research as a discursive practice. Value, valuation, evaluation in the social sciences and humanities

10h00            Pause café

Session 4. National evaluation protocols and methods

10h30            Emanuel Kulczycki (U. of Poznan, Poland) “Assessment of publications in the Humanities and Social sciences: a case of parametric evaluation in Poland”

10h45            Aline Waltzing (EHESS, France) “The invention of evaluation: systems and self-definitions in the evaluation of research and higher education in France and the Netherlands since the 1980s”

11h00            Antonio Ferrara, Andrea Bonaccorsi (ANVUR, Italy) “How robust is journal rating in the SSH?”

11h15           Discussion  

12h00           Conférencier invité : Gabi Lombardo (Senior Scientific Officer for Social Sciences at Science Europe)

  • Towards a taxonomy of research output. The engagement of the Science Europe scientific Committees

13h00            Déjeuner

Table ronde “Autoévaluation et démarche qualité, des outils de valorisation des projets en sciences humaines et sociales”

14h30            Intervenants

  • Thierry Bontemps (CNRS, France)
  • Sabine Goulin (U. de Lorraine, France)
  • Hélène Boulanger (U. de Lorraine, France)

16h00            Pause café

Sessions 5*. Bottom-up criteria for the SSH (2)

16h30            Michael Ochsner (U. of Lausanne, Switzerland), Sven Hug (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) “Evaluation criteria in the humanities: preferences for traditional and modern conceptions of research as a matter of scholars’ characteristics”

16h45            Silvia Martens, Wolfgang Schatz (U. of Lucerne, Switzerland), Désirée Donzallaz (U. of Fribourg, Switzerland) “Criteria and indicators for visualising theological research and evaluating its quality – a bottom-up approach”

17h00            Birgitte Martens, Walter Ysebaert (Free university of Bruxelles, Belgium) “The ECOOM-evaluation framework design for artistic research in Flanders: community building, discipline building and stakeholder-driven indicator design for research evaluation”

17h15            Discussion

Session 6*. Dissemination and impact the SSH

16h30            Emilia Aiello, Mar Joanpere (U. Barcelona, Spain) Joan Cabré (U. Rovira I Virgili, Spain) “Advances in the evaluation and visibility of the social impact of the SSH. The social impact open repository initiative”

16h45            Jens Maesse (U. of Warwick, United Kingdom) « ‘Elitism’ in economics »

17h00            Damien Besancenot, Jean-Michel Courtault and Abdelghani Maddi (U. de Paris 13, France) « Citations, notoriété et qualité scientifique : Le cas des revues en sciences économiques. »

17h15            Discussion

* Sessions parallèles


Samedi 6 juin 2015

Session 7. Metrics and beyond

9h30             Thed van Leeuwen, Clifford Tatum (Leiden university, the Netherlands) “Open access publishing in the Netherlands in an international perspective using bibliometric techniques”

9h45              Alessia Zuccala (U. of Coppenhagen, Denmark) “Inciting the metric-oriented Humanist, or how to teach bibliometrics within a faculty of Humanities?”

10h00            Solange Chavel, Alessandro Mosca, Victor Pascual, Bernardo Rondelli and Sebastian Stride (SIRIS Academic SL, Spain) “Beyond metrics: the influence of structure and behaviour on research visibility”

10h15            Ad Prins (Support in Research Management, the Netherlands), Rodrigo Costas, Thed van Leeuwen, Paul Wouters (CWTS, Leiden, the Netherlands) “Using Google scholar in research evaluation of SSH programs”

10h30            Discussion

11h00            Pause café

11h30            Ioana Galleron, Geoffrey Williams (EvalHum initiative, France) Summing up

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